4P1L PSE project started

 A new amplifier build has begun. The 4P1L PSE is coming to life. First top plate developed and arrived this morning. A succesful layout for being the first one. Need to submit for machining the other 2 panels. It will be modular so I can make changes and experiment with different output transformers I have at hand (Monolith Magnetics, Lundahls, etc.). The HT power supply is ready and I’ve been fitting the filament supplies in child-proof boxes over the Christmas holidays. It will take me some time though to get this one up and running. Not much time to work on it am afraid. 

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  1. Hi Ale! I’ve been using these kind of modular top plates for years, as you know, but it’s a surprise to see them looking so nice in anodised aluminium with all the fancy touches like script and countersunk screws. Really adds value.

    For those unfamiliar with the system, the top plates screw into 19″ subrack horizontal rails with threaded inserts. That way they can be swapped very easily. These should be commonly available, usually with a length of 433mm, but other lengths might be available and you can cut them. Here’s one example, and there may be better ones also:


    You can use these horizontal rails front and back as the skeleton for various amp projects. They can be used with oak side panels for instance, which just screw into the holes in the extrusions. And the front and back can be finished off with anodised panels. That’s one way of doing it which offers the facility to exchange top panels easily, but there are a variety of alternatives.

    I bet this is going to sound good with the Monolith OPTS!


    1. Hi Andy,
      I should have mentioned that the modular chassis is your invention! It’s great to have the flexibility to change parts of the design without the need to re-do the top plate.

      Thanks for sharing the link for others to build like this.
      I hope to receive the remaining top plates next week. I’m finishing tomorrow the second LT supply, so will be ready to build the amp now.

      I will try the amorphous core OPT first. I will then build a separate top plate for the Monolith Magnetics.


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