Russian PSE in Steroids (6E5P into 4P1L) – Part II

Well, it was obvious I couldn’t leave last post as it was. There is an option to change the driver for a different valve. You can use a C3m (low gain in triode mode which is ideal here), a C3g, E180F/E280F. 6S45P or my loved 6E5P (or 6E6P) as the driver. Not longer a 100% DHT, but a nice option for sure. The 6E5P is extremely linear, good driver, with a nice gain (μ=30) in triode – perhaps more than enough for a 4P1L stage and would help in avoiding additional filament supplies.

The 6E5P has curves not dissimilar to the 4P1L as no further distortion cancelation can be seen. Here is the updated schematic if you’re interested in playing with:

6E5P driver for the 4P1L PSE Amplifier
6E5P driver for the 4P1L PSE Amplifier

Again, the gyrator PCB can be easily used to simplify the build of this amp. The 6E5P is not driven hard, but at a nice current of 20mA which makes the driver operate in a linear region (and with good sound) with just a pair of red LEDs. The nearly 30dB of gain will make this amp to be very sensitive. The 5W can be easily achieved with 1Vpp, so you will need to have an attenuator, no preamp needed clearly.  The 6E5P will drive an 300B nicely here which needs the voltage gain, not like the 4P1L.

As you can see, there are plenty of option to try on this 4P1L PSE amplifier.