300B Amp: the journey starts here

I can’t get away from my big HT power supplies. This time the HT +400V for the 300B amp is here. Lots of Lundahl iron and a lovely hybrid bridge made of mercury rectifiers and damper valves. Yes, I’m in love with the blueish colour of the 816s. Despite they are mercury rectifiers, I know.

I promised the wife I’d get a smaller amp, that was my excuse for the 300B reference system. Still this is not going to be small, however, it will be compared to the 814 SE Amp!

2 Replies to “300B Amp: the journey starts here”

    1. Hi Frank, you can’t just openly compare two valves without taking into account the entire end to end system. Every aspect of the sound chain has an impact on the sound reproduction. Unfortunately wasn’t able to compare them in similar amplifiers and setups. There was always something different. Having said all this, I found them both great valves and challenging to use them properly to get the best our of them. Personally I have a slight inclination to thoriated tungsten filaments. Sadly haven’t used the Elrog 300b yet!

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