Starlight CD transport and discrete DAC finished!


After an incredibly long journey I’m glad to say that is nearly over. The Starlight CD transport (I2S output and 4x oversampling) with its discrete DAC sounds absolutely amazing. Getting back to play my CDs is what I was cherishing for a long time. I will be bringing my +500 CD collection from my previous home soon so that would be perfect timing.

I promise to write up a proper blog entry with a full description of the learning experience. For now, I will just sit down and relax. Listen to many CDs and enjoy!

All the acknowledgements and thanks go to Tom Browne for this fantastic design and all the help provided throughout this journey. I think this is the Starlight number 20 or so built so far. Not sure if there are other ones being built anyway.  Also my thanks go to Jon Finlayson for his help on the DAC boards, Richard for the UI stuff and to Tony for inspiring me to give it a go…