6P36S / 6П36С beam tetrode in triode mode

My friend Vyacheslav sent me for testing an 6P36S / 6П36С output beam tetrode which was used for TV horizontal deflection circuits in the old days.  Here are the nice curves in triode mode:

6P36S triode SMALLLow anode resistance and high current capability with its 12W of anode dissipation make this cheap indirectly heated tetrode an interesting candidate for an amplifier. Let’s have a look at the triode model:

6P36S triode model SMALL

Happy to complete the triode SPICE model if someone can translate the Russian datasheet and provide me with the electrode capacitances.

Well, how will this triode perform in a simple SE configuration? With a low Ra, a 5K anode impedance OT will work well:

6P36S SE 5K A1 2WWith just 55Vpp we can drive this valve to produce 2W @ THD=1.6% (without considering the driver distortion cancellation). The valve can be biased nicely at 55mA and 220V.




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  1. Ale, it is very interesting to me, because 6П36С in Ukraine has a reasonable price (unlike 6S4S) :). Thanks for your test!

    1. Glad you like them! I would be keen to read some comments on the sound of it. It’s apparently close to the EL500…

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