Valve/Tube Testing Service

Testing your valves


When you’re going to sell your valves, the challenge always is to be able to prove sections are matched or you’re truly offering a matched pair. This is the reason why many sellers of exotic valves or very good devices are looking to provide buyers with the right data before they make their purchase.

If you’re not selling your valves, then is good to be able to match a pair for a PP amp or simply select the best devices amongst your collection before using them in a phono or driver stage for example.


If you are looking to test your precious valves and you don’t have the equipment, I can now offer this service for you which includes:

  1. Valve health check
  2. Valve bias point measurement (Ia, Is @ Va, Vs)
  3. Transfer curves
  4. Characteristic curves
  5. Microphony (optional)
  6. Distortion – THD (optional)
  7. SPICE model for triodes (optional)


Some examples of an EL34 Mullard tested on request:

EL34 02EL34 02 Vs=250V

Report example

VT231 U05

Section matching
Section matching


Spice modelling
Spice modelling

My fees are very competitive and this service is worth if you are looking to sell your valves or match them.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Price varies on level of testing and amount of valves
  2. Postage is not included and depend on your location. I’m in London, UK so you can easily estimate the costs beforehand.

4 Replies to “Valve/Tube Testing Service”

  1. Met Ale in person this Saturday to test 8 x 6550 tubes for matching quads. Excellent service and made time in his busy weekend to test the tubes. Sent me all reports by mail. Any one with tube issues Ale is your man. Make sure you give Ale ample time to fit you in.

  2. Left Ale with 18 6L6 valves that I needed testing and matching for use is my guitar amps …he got them done within a few days and emailed all detailed results and put printed stickers on each valve … Great service and really nice guy to deal with … Thanks +++++

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