6Ж49П-ДР/6J49P-DR High Gain Stage

Time ago I wrote about this sterling Russian valve. It’s extremely linear in triode mode, sounds superb and isn’t microphonic. My friend Paul LeClerq has used it as first stage of his guitar amplifier and is delighted. A real dormer one. I hope it doesn’t disappear when valve hoarders go out and grab every big lot of valve that exists. Anyhow, I have more than I need myself, so I’m not worried.

The triode driver

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6Z49P-DR/6J49P-DR Pentode

A forgotten Russian pentode

6j49p_dry_goldpins_01_xlThere’s not much information around the 6Ж49П-ДР or 6Z49P-DR / 6J49P-DR pentode. This pentode was designed for high-frequency operation and durability. It has relatively high transconductance and high mu when is triode connected. Hence, an interesting device for a phono stage given the low capacitances in place as well.  The 6Z49P is close to his brothers 6Z51P and the famous 6Z52P albeit it has different characteristics.

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