6Э6П-E and 6Э6П-ДР datasheets

Thanks to Vyacheslav Kalashnikov who kindly did all the work here so here are the translated 6E6P-E/6Э6П-E and 6Э6П-DR/ 6Э6П-ДР datasheets:

6E6P-DR6E6P-E и 6E6P-DR

Looking at the 6Э6П-DR/ 6Э6П-ДР, there is a minor difference in the transconductance and anode current variance. Also the heating requirements are less demanding. Interesting to see though, is the fact that the 6Э6П-ДР grids can handle a bit more of extra power.

The proof is in the pudding, so we need to test the sound differences amongst these two valves and 6E5P/6Э5П!


4 Replies to “6Э6П-E and 6Э6П-ДР datasheets”

  1. From top of my head looks like they have different pinout from 6e5, pitty as would be great to be able to swap between them. My pp amp is wired so I can drop in many diff triode strapped hi gm pentode drivers, but of course not the 6e5p! Imho a truly great tube!

  2. I own preamplifier with two 6e6p DR, now I would change it to EL84, my concern here is : do I need any ajustment in side preamplifer to make it fit with EL84? Or 6e6p totally equivalent with EL84? The second concern is how tones difirence in above tubes?
    Thanks for advice in advance

  3. Hello
    6e6p and el84 pinout the same only without alteration of the scheme will not live long mode 6e6p 150 volts at the anode desired
    ps 6zh52p put in place without alterations el84 8 foot must be on a common wire

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