6E5P/6Э5П and 6E6P-E/6Э6П-E in triode mode

One of the first valves I traced with my curve tracer was the 6E5P/6Э5П. It has a very good reputation when triode-strapped. I did many tests and found this one being a superb driver given is one of the most linear valves out there. Many use them as a 300B driver. I will probably implement Rod Coleman’s shunt cascode topology in my 45 SE or in a 6C4C/4P1L PSE design.

Over the weekend I traced many valves as managed to recalibrate the oscilloscope and tracer and wanted to play with some samples I had around.

Here is the 6E5P/6Э5П in triode mode:

65ep triode SMALLAnd here are the updated SPICE model parameters:

6e5p triode modelNow, let’s have a look at it’s close brother the 6E6P-E/6Э6П-E in triode mode. It has a long life (10,000 hours against only 500hours):

6e6p-e triode SMALL

6e6p-e triode modelMany praise the 6e6p-DR tetrode over these two, I haven’t tried it yet myself but here are the minor differences between  6E5P/6Э5П and 6E6P-E/6Э6П-E to highlight:

  • Both 6E5P/6Э5П and 6E6P-E/6Э6П-E have very linear curves!
  • 6E5P/6Э5П: less anode resistance and higher transconductance compared to  6E6P-E/6Э6П-E which seems to have a tad more of gain



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  1. Excellent linearity! A very good option for building the amplifier, given the fact that 6E6P-E and 6E6P-DR have reasonable price, low internal resistance and have a long life time – 10,000 hours! 🙂

  2. Hello
    the best of the series
    1521 Fryazino (6є5p)
    1521i Fryazino (6є5p-i)
      6e6p-Dru golden legs

    there is a lamp 6e5p-i height as the 12at7

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