Salas HT shunt regulator SSHV2

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It took me probably half an hour to build this brilliant shunt regulator. I waited for a long time until picked up this board and stuffed all components. I will use it in my next generation of DHT preamps.

Output ripple is below 5mV, can’t even measure it given the noise in my workbench. The test gig included my variable power supply (600V) feeding the shunt regulator which was set for 40mA. output load is three 3K3 power resistor clads (50W each).

I adjusted the regulator to provide about 160V, so current is about 16mA. Interesting to seer the harmonic profile to have a higher peak at 200Hz compared to the 100Hz harmonic….

2 thoughts on “Salas HT shunt regulator SSHV2

  1. Hi Ale

    Can I ask where you found the PCB for this project? I am looking for one of these for a phono stage I am working on.



  2. Hi Martin,
    Of course, there was a group buy lead by Teabag in DYIAudio. They have run a couple of them, so you may want to ask if there is still any planned group buy in the near future…
    All the best,

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